Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS318 .H3 1979 Iran : dictatorship and development 1
DS318 .H6713 1980 The fall of the Shah 1
DS318.I7 I74 Arms transfer and national security : an interpretation of Iran's perspective 1
DS318.I73 K5 Collection of speeches, position statements 1
DS318.I73 K55 Khomeyni interview on Islamic revolutionary movement 1
DS318 .K49 2008 All the Shah's men : an American coup and the roots of Middle East terror 1
DS318 .M58413 Answer to history 1
DS318.M593 Z66 1991 Majestic failure : the fall of the Shah 1
DS318 .M6 1961 Mission for my country 1
DS318 .P37 1984 The pride and the fall : Iran, 1974-1979 1
DS318 .S244 The rise and fall of the Shah 1
DS318 .S85 1981 Mission to Iran 1
DS318 .Z33 The Mossadegh era : roots of the Iranian revolution 1
DS318.8 .B34 1984 The reign of the ayatollahs : Iran and the Islamic revolution 1
DS318.8 .C67 1987 The Iran-Iraq war and Western security 1984-1987 : strategic implications and policy options 1
DS318.8 .T44 1980 Tell the American people : perspectives on the Iranian revolution 1
DS318.825 .W75 1989 In the name of God : the Khomeini decade 1
DS318.84.K48 T34 1986 The Spirit of Allah : Khomeini and the Islamic revolution 1
DS325.P4 W5 Persepolis, the archaeology of Parsa, seat of the Persian kings 1
DS326 .B7 1982 Recent United States policy in the Persian Gulf (1971-82) 1