Call Number (LC) Title Results
DK266 .S495 1997 A history of twentieth-century Russia 1
DK266 .S577 2004 v.2 The Soviet Union : a documentary history 1
DK266 .S578 The Soviet Union: the fifty years 1
DK266 .S82 Verdict of three decades; from the literature of individual revolt against Soviet communism: 1917-1950 1
DK266 .T6 I worked for the soviet 1
DK266 .U49 Expansion and coexistence; the history of Soviet foreign policy, 1917-67 1
DK266 .V4 The Russian revolution, 1917-1931 1
DK266.3 .K43 1985 The birth of the propaganda state : Soviet methods of mass mobilization, 1917-1929 1
DK266.3 .L27 1988 A Soviet lexicon : important concepts, terms, and phrases 1
DK266.3 .S365 1992 The spy who saved the world : how a Soviet colonel changed the course of the Cold War 1
DK266.3 .W48 2015 The Red Army and the Great Terror : Stalin's purge of the Soviet military 1
DK266.3 .W5 The U-2 affair 1
DK266.4 .C86 1977 Cultural revolution in Russia, 1928-1931 1
DK266.4 .K34 1988 The thinking reed : intellectuals and the Soviet state, 1917 to the present 1
DK266.45 .D66 2009 The foreign policy of Russia : changing systems, enduring interests 1
DK266.45 .H37 2011 Russia's Cold War : from the October Revolution to the fall of the wall 1
DK266.45 .K46 1998 Russia and the world, 1917-1991 1
DK266.5 .P45 1993 Russia under the Bolshevik regime 1
DK267 .C3 1981 Stalin, order through terror 1
DK267 .C65 1968 The great terror; Stalin's purge of the thirties 1