Call Number (LC) Title Results
DK267 .D32 1941 Mission to Moscow 1
DK267 .D47 1984 The great purges 1
DK267 .H3354 1983 Soviet foreign policy, 1930-33 : the impact of the Depression 1
DK267 .H3357 1984 The Soviet Union and the struggle for collective security in Europe, 1933-39 1
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DK267 .H534 Russia and Japan 1
DK267 .K38 1995 Last of the empires : a history of the Soviet Union, 1945-1991 1
DK267 .K53513 2004 Gulag 1
DK267 .L36 1990 Stalin : the glasnost revelations 1
DK267 .L425 The Stalinist terror in the thirties; documentation from the Soviet press 1
DK267 .M3567 1996 The Cold War and Soviet insecurity : the Stalin years 1
DK267 .M41413 Let history judge: the origins and consequences of Stalinism 1
DK267 .M416 On Stalin and Stalinism 1
DK267 .R3813 1987 The birth of Stalinism : the USSR on the eve of the "second revolution" 1
DK267 .S694 1982 Stalinism, its impact on Russia and the world 1
DK267 .T73 1945 The revolution betrayed : What is the Soviet Union and where is it going? 1
DK268.A1 G63 2011 Gulag voices : oral histories of Soviet detention and exile 1
DK268.A1 M43 1984 All Stalin's men 1
DK268.A1 V5813 1998 Autopsy for an empire : the seven leaders who built the Soviet regime 1
DK268.B384 K58 1993 Beria, Stalin's first lieutenant 1
DK268.B384 W57 Commissar; the life and death of Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria 1