Call Number (LC) Title Results
DA360 .M3 The Armada 1
DA360 .M32 1979 The "invincible" Armada and Elizabethan England 1
DA360 .R4 The Spanish armada 1
DA375 .C6 The Stuart age : a history of England 1603-1714 1
DA375 .F5 1983 Historians, Puritanism, and the English Revolution : the religious factor in English politics before and after the Interregnum 1
DA375 .H5 The century of revolution, 1603-1714 1
DA375 .J62 1967 Britain and Europe in the seventeenth century 1
DA375 .K39 1978 Stuart England 1
DA375 .K4 1970 The Stuarts : a study in English kingship 1
DA375 .M63 1980 Seventeenth century Britain, 1603-1714 1
DA375 .S37 1974 "No standing armies!" : the antiarmy ideology in seventeenth- century England 1
DA375 .T45 Three British revolutions, 1641, 1688, 1776 1
DA375 .T7 1933 England under the Stuarts 1
DA377 .W2 1927 The lives of John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Richard Hooker, George Herbert and Robert Sanderson 1
DA380 .C6 1971 Social life in Stuart England 1
DA380 .C84 Culture and politics from Puritanism to the Enlightenment 1
DA380 .H53 The world turned upside down; radical ideas during the English Revolution 1
DA380 .N6 The English people on the eve of colonization, 1603-1630 1
DA380 .W38 1974 The intellectual revolution of the seventeenth century 1
DA390 .A83 1979 The English Civil War : conservatism and revolution, 1603-1649 1