Call Number (LC) Title Results
D805.G3 B288 2000 Raid! : the untold story of Patton's secret mission 1
D805.G3 B45 The naked puppets : Auschwitz 1
D805.G3 B5848 2000 The bombing of Auschwitz : should the allies have attempted it? 1
D805.G3 C281970 Free as a running fox 1
D805 .G3O12 Childhood 1
D805.G3 S456 1983 Into that darkness : an examination of conscience 1
D805.G3 S845513 2013 Inside concentration camps : social life at the extremes 1
D805.G7 F38 1977 Group captives : the re-education of German prisoners of war in Britain, 1945-1948 1
D805.J3 F27 1983 Bataan : the march of death 1
D805.J3 F85 1993 Foo, a Japanese-American prisoner of the Rising Sun : the secret prison diary of Frank "Foo" Fujita 1
D805.J3 H472 2014 Rising from the shadow of the sun 1
D805.J3 K43 1985 Surrender and survival : the experience of American POW's in the Pacific, 1941-1945 1
D805.J3 K55 Death railway 1
D805.J3 K59 Death march : the survivors of Bataan 1
D805.J3 K59 1983 Death march : the survivors of Bataan 1
D805.J3 L38 Through a harsh dawn; a boy grows up in a Japanese prison camp 1
D805.J3 Z364 2010 Unbroken : a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption 1
D805.P16 D38 1994 Prisoners of the Japanese : POWs of World War II in the Pacific 1
D805.P6 C64 1978 Bataan and beyond : memories of an American P.O.W. 1
D805.P7 A93 The Auschwitz album : a book based upon an album discovered by a concentration camp survivor, Lili Meier 1