Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 301.82/4:SU 7 Case studies in the achievement of air superiority 1
D 301.82/5:AE 8/986 An aerospace bibliography 1
D 301.82/5:B 29/v.1 Air Force bases 1
D 301.82/5:B 29/v.2 Air Force bases 1
D 301.82/5:C 71/947-77 Air Force combat wings : lineage and honors histories, 1947-1977 1
D 301.82/5:F 46 Post-World War II fighters, 1945-1973 1
D 301.82/5:H 88 The United States Air Force and humanitarian airlift operations, 1947-1994 1
D 301.82/5:M 46 Air Force combat medals, streamers, and campaigns 1
D 301.82/6:D 65 The United States Air Force : basic documents on roles and missions 1
D 301.82/6:IN 5 The 31 initiatives : a study in Air Force-Army cooperation 1
D 301.82/6:Sci 2 Harnessing the genie : science and technology forecasting for the Air Force, 1944-1986 1
D 301.82/7:2004019565 Golden legacy, boundless future : essays on the United States Air Force and the rise of aerospace power : proceedings of the Aim High symposium held on May 28-29, 1997 at the Double Tree Hotel, Crystal City, Virginia 1
D 301.82/7:2004019891 The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia : civic action 1
D 301.82/7-2:AF 3 Great game to 9/11 : a concise history of Afghanistan's international relations 1
D 301.82/7-2:IR 1 U.S. Relations with Iraq : from the Mandate to Operation Iraqi Freedom 1
D 301.82/7:AC 7 Acquisition management in the United States Air Force and its predecessors 1
D 301.82/7:AE 8 Aerial interdiction : air power and the land battle in three American wars 1
D 301.82/7:AE 8/2 Anatomy of a reform : the expeditionary aerospace force 1
D 301.82/7:AE 8/3 A history of aeromedical evacuation in the U.S. Air Force 1
D 301.82/7:AI 7 The Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, 1947-1965 1