Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 201.2:ST 8/6 The U.S. Navy in the world (2001-2010) : context for U.S. Navy capstone strategies and concepts 1
D 201.2:ST 8/7 Strategic readiness review 2017 1
D 201.2:ST 8/8 Year 3 strategic vision, goals, and implementation guidance, fiscal years 2020-2023 1
D 201.2:ST 8/9/ Department of the Navy information management & information technology strategic plan 1
D 201.2:SU 1 Meeting the submarine challenge : a short history of the Naval Underwater Systems Center 1
D 201.2:SU 2 Comprehensive review of recent surface force incidents 1
D 201.2:SU 7/2 Supply reserve vision study summary report 1
D 201.2:SU 7/3 Sunrise and Venus 1
D 201.2:SU 7/5 Surface force strategy : return to sea control 1
D 201.2:T 22 100 years of technical excellence 1
D 201.2:T 22/2 Technical activities --a full-spectrum laboratory 1
D 201.2:T 23 Real-time telemetry processing system III : continuing a tradition of success-- 1
D 201.2:T 27 Naval terminology 1
D 201.2:T 28 The Engines roar, the test begins! : come check out the flip side of aviation at the United States Naval Test Pilot School 1
D 201.2:T 28/3 U.S. Naval Test Pilot School 1
D 201.2:T 64 Total quality leadership a primer 1
D 201.2:T 64/2 Reduction of total ownership cost 1
D 201.2:T 68/DRAFT Draft, environmental assessment for the expansion of range and training facilities and training support operations at Naval Base Coronado, Camp Michael Monsoor, La Posta, California 1
D 201.2:TY 95 Tycho crater 1
D 201.2:UN 5 Unmanned campaign framework 1