Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 103.57/5:94-PS-2 Cost effectiveness analysis for environmental planning nine easy steps 1
D 103.57/5:94-R-5 Development of prototype software for risk-based benefit-cost analysis of major rehabilitation proposals (phases I and II) final 1
D 103.57/5:94-WMB-2 National Wetland Mitigation Banking Study wetland migitation banking : resource document 1
D 103.57/5:94-WMB-3 National Wetland Mitigation Banking Study. Expanding opportunities for successful mitigation the private credit market alternative 1
D 103.57/5:94-WMB-4 National Wetland Mitigation Banking Study first phase report 1
D 103.57/5:95-NDN-1 The national dredging needs study of ports and harbors literature search 1
D 103.57/5:95-R-1 Evaluation of environmental investments procedures manual interim : cost effectiveness and incremental cost analysis 1
D 103.57/5:95-R-2 Review of monetary and nonmonetary valuation of environmental investments 1
D 103.57/5:95-R-5 Compilation and review of completed restoration and mitigation studies in developing an evaluation framework for environmental resources 1
D 103.57/5:95-R-8 Trade-off analysis for environmental projects an annotated bibliography 1
D 103.57/5:95-R-9 Procedural guidelines for estimating residential and business structure value for use in flood damage estimations 1
D 103.57/5:95-R-10 Resource significance in environmental project planning 1
D 103.57/5:95-R-15/DRAFT Draft planning manual 1
D 103.57/5:96-EL-4 Planning and evaluating restoration of aquatic habitats from an ecological perspective 1
D 103.57/5:96-NHP-1 Report on the need for changes in Dredged Material Disposal Policy, in response to Section 216, Water Resources Development Act of 1992 1
D 103.57/5:96-R-8 An introduction to risk and uncertainty in the evaluation of environmental investments 1
D 103.57/5:96-R-12 Analysis of nonresidential content value and depth-damage data for flood damage reduction studies 1
D 103.57/5:96-R-21 Planning manual 1
D 103.57/6:86-IR-1 National economic development procedures manual - recreation 1
D 103.57/6:HL-94-7 Application of a two-dimensional model of hydrodynamics to San Timoteo Creek flood-control channel, California 1