Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 103.57/5:92-R-6 An Overview of the commercial navigation industry of the United States on the Great Lakes 1
D 103.57/5:92-R-9 First steps in the development of a method for evaluating environmental restoration projects a white paper 1
D 103.57/5:92-WMB-1 National Wetland Mitigation Banking Study. Wetlands mitigation banking concepts 1
D 103.57/5:93-FIS-1 Framing the dialogue strategies, issues and opportunities 1
D 103.57/5:93-FIS-6 The federal role in funding state and local infrastructure two reports on public works financing 1
D 103.57/5:93-NDS-5 Lessons learned from the California drought (1987-1992) 1
D 103.57/5:93-R-2 National economic development procedures manual - public surveys 1
D 103.57/5:93-R-4 Annotated bibliography value of environmental protection and restoration 1
D 103.57/5:93-R-6 Investment planning of interdependent waterway improvement projects 1
D 103.57/5:93-R-7 Guidelines to estimating existing and future residential content values 1
D 103.57/5:93-R-8 Delay estimation on congested waterways 1
D 103.57.5:93-R-13 Guidebook for risk perception and communication in water resources planning 1
D 103.57/5:93-R-16 Bussey Lake demonstration study of incremental analysis in environmental planning 1
D 103.57/5:94-FIS-9 Infrastructure in the 21st century economy an interim report 1
D 103.57/5:94-FIS-10 Local Public finance Impact model user's guide and technical documentation 1
D 103.57/5:94-FIS-18 Analyzing employment effects of stream restoration investments 1
D 103.57/5:94-NDS-6 Lessons learned from the California drought (1987-1992) executive summary 1
D 103.57/5:94-NDS-7 Computer models for water resources planning and management 1
D 103.57/5:94-NDS-8 Managing water for drought national study of water management during drought 1
D 103.57/5:94-NDS-12 National study of water management during drought the report to the U.S. Congress 1