Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 103.49/3:W 37/2 Weather extremes in Canada and the United States : (categories and dates of extremes are printed on reverse) 1
D 103.49/3:W 52 T/2015 West Thompson Lake trail map, south section 2
D 103.49/3:W 59 Whitlow Ranch Dam emergency plan : inundation maps 1
D 103.49/3:W 61 Whittier Narrows Dam emergency plan : inundation maps 1
D 103.53:M-90/04 ROOFER, an engineered management system (EMS) for bituminous built-up roofs 1
D 103.55/2:D 18 Proceedings of a workshop on hydrologic research needs for dam safety : 14-15 November 2001 1
D 103.57:03-NSMS-1 The Corps of Engineers and shore protection history, projects, costs 1
D 103.57/5:87-R-10 National economic development procedures manual. Agricultural flood damage 1
D 103.57/5:89-ADR-R-1 Using ADR in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers a framework for managerial decision-making 1
D 103.57/5:89-R-1 A review of the US Army Corps of Engineers selection and evaluation process for water resource developments a study conducted in response to Section 719 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1986 1
D 103.57/5:89-R-3 Analysis of recreational boating impact on navigation lock performance 1
D 103.57/5:91-R-1 Economic and environmental considerations for incremental cost analysis in mitigation planning 1
D 103.57/5:91-R-4 When people complain : using communication, negotiation and problem solving to resolve complaints 1
D 103.57/5:91-R-5 Reducing environmental noise impacts a USAREUR noise management program handbook 1
D 103.57/5:91-R-6 National economic development procedures manual coastal storm damage and erosion 1
D 103.57/5:91-R-11 National economic development procedures manual - urban flood damage
National economic development procedures manual overview manual for conducting national economic development analysis
D 103.57/5:92-R-1 Guidelines for risk and uncertainty analysis in water resources planning 1
D 103.57/5:92-R-3 Catalog of residential depth-damage functions used by the Army Corps of Engineers in flood damage estimations 1
D 103.57/5:92-R-4 A review of 16 planning and forecast methodologies used in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers inland navigation studies 1
D 103.57/5:92-R-6 An Overview of the commercial navigation industry of the United States on the Great Lakes 1