Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 103.2:Ar 2/18 Summary of results, Chief Joseph Dam Cultural Resources Project, Washington 1
D 103.2:Ar 2/19 An archaeological reconnaissance of the Over-the-Horizon Radar Project transmitter site, Buffalo Flat, Christmas Lake Valley, Lake County, Oregon 1
D 103.2:Ar 2/20 Saving the past from the future : archaeological curation in the St. Louis District 1
D 103.2:Ar 3/5 Archaeological investigations at sites 45-OK-250 and 45-OK-4, Chief Joseph Dam Project, Washington 1
D 103.2:Ar 3/6 Archaeological investigations at Site 45-DO-211, Chief Joseph Dam Project, Washington 1
D 103.2:Ar 5 Army housing management courses and facilities engineering courses 1
D 103.2:As 6 Asphalt stabilization of railroad track : Facilities Engineering Applications Program : innovative ideas for the operation, maintenance, & repair of Army facilities 1
D 103.2:As 7 MOS 12C, bridge crewman, skill level I : student lesson for U.S. Army Reserve Schools 1
D 103.2:AT 6/2 The North Atlantic engineers a history of the North Atlantic Division and its predecessors in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1775-1975 1
D 103.2:At 6/3 Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway in Florida : Fort Clinch to Miami 1
D 103.2:AY 4 Recreation lake area : [Aylesworth Creek Lake, Penn.] 1
D 103.2:B 11 History and archaeology of Babin Place Plantation, Ascension Parish, Louisiana 1
D 103.2:B 15 RD Bailey Lake 1
D 103.2:B 19 Baldhill Dam/Lake Ashtabula, North Dakota 1
D 103.2:B 38/2 Beach replenishment and hurricane protection project : Ocean City, Maryland 1
D 103.2:B 53/4 Birds of Sardis Lake, Mississippi 1
D 103.2:B 53/5 Birds of Saylorville Lake 1
D 103.2:B 63/3 Lake Sharp, Big Bend Dam : boating and recreation 1
D 103.2:B 63/5 Bok Kai Temple : historic structure impact report 1
D 103.2:B 64/3 Bonneville Lock & Dam in celebration of our 50, fiftieth year 1