Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 101.146:N 75/2 Deterrence in the Nordic-Baltic region : the role of the Nordic countries together with the U.S. Army 1
D 101.146:N 81/2 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union's common security and defense policy intersecting trajectories 1
D 101.146:N 88/2 Nuclear heuristics selected writings of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter 1
D 101.146:N 88/3 Thinking about nuclear power in post-Saddam Iraq 1
D 101.146:N 88/4 Reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty 1
D 101.146:N 88/5 Nuclear power's global expansion : weighing its costs and risks 1
D 101.146:N 88/6 La Familia drug cartel : implications for U.S.-Mexican security 1
D 101.146:N 88/7 Tactical nuclear weapons and NATO 1
D 101.146:N 88/8 Moving beyond pretense : nuclear power and nonproliferation 1
D 101.146:N 88//9 Nuclear weapons security crises : what does history teach? 1
D 101.146:N 88/10 Nuclear weapons materials gone missing : what does history teach? 1
D 101.146:OF 2 Senior officer talent management : fostering institutional adaptability 1
D 101.146:OF 2/2 The limits of offshore balancing 1
D 101.146:OF 3 Towards a U.S. Army officer corps strategy for success : a proposed human capital model focused upon talent 1
D 101.146:OI 5 Do oil exports fuel defense spending? 1
D 101.146:OP 2 Operational reservations : considerations for a total Army force 1
D 101.146:OR 3 Silent partners : organized crime, irregular groups, and nation-states 1
D 101.146:P 12 The future of American landpower : does forward presence still matter? The case of the Army in the Pacific 1
D 101.146:P 17 Pakistan's nuclear future worries beyond war 1
D 101.146:P 17/2 Pakistan's nuclear future : reining in the risk 1