Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 101.146:L 46 Strategic leadership competencies 1
D 101.146:L 46/2 Leadership and national security reform : the next president's agenda 1
D 101.146:L 46/3 Rethinking leadership and "whole of government" national security reform : problems, progress, and prospects 1
D 101.146:L 46/4 The role of leadership in transitional states : the cases of Lebanon, Israel-Palestine 1
D 101.146:L 49 The 2006 Lebanon campaign and the future of warfare implications for army and defense policy 1
D 101.146:L 61 Security sector reform in Liberia mixed results from humble beginnings 1
D 101.146:L 61/2 The construction of liberal democracy : the role of civil-military institutions in state and nation-building in West Germany and South Africa 1
D 101.146:L 61/3 State-building challenges in a post-revolution Libya 1
D 101.146:L 61/4 Building better armies : an insider's account of Liberia 1
D 101.146:L 61/5 Supporting, non-standard mission role : U.S. operations in Liberia, 2014-2015, that enabled the U.S. and UN response to the EVD outbreak 1
D 101.146:L 62 The limits of military officers' duty to obey civilian orders : a neo-classical perspective 1
D 101.146:L 89 The evolution of Los Zetas in Mexico and Central America : sadism as an instrument of cartel warfare 1
D 101.146:L 98 Lying to ourselves : dishonesty in the Army profession 1
D 101.146:M 29 What is next for Mali? : the roots of conflict and challenges to stability 1
D 101.146:M 31 Program management approach to stability operations 1
D 101.146:M 31/2 Defense management : primer for senior leaders 1
D 101.146:M 46 Medvedev's plan giving Russia a voice but not a veto in a new European security system 1
D 101.146:M 46/2 Civil-military relations in Medvedev's Russia 1
D 101.146:M 47 Alternative governance structures in megacities : threats or opportunities? 1
D 101.146:M 47/2 Military contingencies in megacities and sub-megacities 1