Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 101.146:M 57 Mexico's narco-insurgency and U.S. counterdrug policy 1
D 101.146:M 57/2 A new dynamic in the Western Hemisphere security environment the Mexican Zetas and other private armies 1
D 101.146:M 58 Regional fears of Western primacy and the future of U.S. Middle Eastern basing policy 1
D 101.146:M 59 Military engagement and forward presence : down but not out as tools to shape and win 1
D 101.146:M 82 From assistance to partnership : Morocco and its foreign policy in West Africa 1
D 101.146:M 91 Multilateral constraints on the use of force a reassessment 1
D 101.146:N 16 Mexico's "narco-refugees" the looming challenge for U.S. national security 1
D 101.146:N 19 A nation at war in an era of strategic change 1
D 101.146:N 21 The NATO-Russia partnership a marriage of convenience or a troubled relationship 1
D 101.146:N 21/3 Implications of a changing NATO 1
D 101.146:N 21/4 National security reform 2010 a mid-term assessment 1
D 101.146:N 21/5 Against all odds relations between NATO and the MENA region 1
D 101.146:N 21/6 NATO missile defense and the European Phased Adaptive Approach : the implications of burden sharing and the underappreciated role of the U.S. Army 1
D 101.146:N 21/7 Stepping up : burden sharing by NATO's newest members 1
D 101.146:N 23 Naval transformation, ground forces, and the expeditionary impulse the sea-basing debate 1
D 101.146:N 31 Negotiation in the new strategic environment lessons from Iraq 1
D 101.146:N 56 Nigerian unity : in the balance 1
D 101.146:N 56/2 The causes of instability in Nigeria and implications for the United States 1
D 101.146:N 73 Nonstate actors and anti-access/area denial strategies : the coming challenge 1
D 101.146:N 75 Breaking the Nordic defense deadlock 1