Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 101.146:IS 4/3 Revival of political Islam in the aftermath of the Arab uprisings : implications for the region and beyond 1
D 101.146:IS 4/4 Maneuvering the Islamist-secularist divide in the Arab world : how the United States can preserve its interests and values in an increasingly polarized environment 1
D 101.146:IS 4/5 Reassessing the barriers to Islamic radicalization in Kazakhstan 1
D 101.146:IS 4/6 Radical Islamist English-language online magazines : research guide, strategic insights, and policy response 1
D 101.146:IS 4/8 A policy response to Islamic State extermist fighter battlefield migration 1
D 101.146:IS 4/9 Rise and fall? : the rise and fall of ISIS in Libya 1
D 101.146:IV 9 The rise of iWar : identity, information, and the individualization of modern warfare 1
D 101.146:J 27 Japan's decision for war in 1941 some enduring lessons 1
D 101.146:J 56 Jihadist cells and "IED" capabilities in Europe assessing the present and future threat to the West 1
D 101.146:J 76 Jordanian national security and the future of Middle East stability 1
D 101.146:K 18 Kazakhstan's defense policy an assessment of the trends 1
D 101.146:K 84 North Korean civil-military trends military-first politics to a point 1
D 101.146:K 84/3 Stability operations in Kosovo 1999-2000 : a case study 1
D 101.146:K 96 Kuwaiti national security and the U.S.-Kuwaiti strategic relationship after Saddam 1
D 101.146:L 22 The land, space, and cyberspace nexus : evolution of the oldest military operations in the newest military domains 1
D 101.146:L 23 Re-examining the roles of landpower in the 21st century and their implications 1
D 101.146:L 23/2 Senior Conference 50, the Army we need : the role of landpower in an uncertain strategic environment, June 1-3, 2014 1
D 101.146:L 23/3 U.S. landpower in the South China Sea 1
D 101.146:L 28 Always strategic : jointly essential landpower 1
D 101.146:L 34 Dealing with political ferment in Latin America : the populist revival, the emergence of the center, and implications for U.S. policy 1