Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 101.146:IN 2/6 Unlocking India's strategic potential in Central Asia 1
D 101.146:IN 2/7 Indian and Chinese engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean : a comparative assessment 1
D 101.146:IN 2/8 Promoting U.S.-Indian defense cooperation : opportunities and obstacles 1
D 101.146:IN 2/9 An unnatural partnership? : the future of U.S.-India strategic cooperation 1
D 101.146:IN 3 Information operations putting the "I" back into DIME 1
D 101.146:IN 3/2 U.S. governmental information operations and strategic communications : a discredited tool or user failure? : implications for future conflict 1
D 101.146:IN 3/3 Do fewer resources mean less influence? : a comparative historical case study of military influence in a time of austerity 1
D 101.146:IN 3/4 Maintaining information dominance in complex environments 1
D 101.146:IN 7 Rethinking insurgency 1
D 101.146:IN 7/2 Transnational insurgencies and the escalation of regional conflict lessons for Iraq and Afghanistan 1
D 101.146:IN 7/3 Resolving insurgencies 1
D 101.146:IN 7/4 State collapse, insurgency, and counterinsurgency : lessons from Somalia 1
D 101.146:IN 7/5 Old and new insurgency forms 1
D 101.146:IN 8/2 Coup d'oeil strategic intuition in Army planning 1
D 101.146:IN 8/3 Investigating the benefits and drawbacks of realigning the National Guard under the Department of Homeland Security 1
D 101.146:IR 1/2 U.S. military operations in Iraq planning, combat, and occupation 1
D 101.146:IR 1/3 Iran, Iraq, and the United States the new triangle's impact on sectarianism and the nuclear threat 1
D 101.146:IR 1/4 The Iraq War learning from the past, adapting to the present, and planning for the future 1
D 101.146:IR 1/5 After Iraq the search for a sustainable national security strategy 1
D 101.146:IR 1/7/V.1-2 The U.S. Army in the Iraq War 1