Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 1.6/2:SE 2/6 Security cooperation billing handbook 1
D 1.6/2:Se 4/2 Selling to the allies : a guide for US firms 1
D 1.6/2:Se 6/2 Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) System for National Security Emergency Preparedness (NSEP) : service vendor handbook : telecommunication operations 1
D 1.6/2:SE 6/3/ Servicemembers opportunity colleges : guide 2
D 1.6/2:SH 4/997 Shelf-life management manual 1
D 1.6/2:sm 1 Guide to defense contract finance regulations for small business, small disadvantaged business, women-owned small business 1
D 1.6/2:St 2 A Guide for DoD personnel participating in NATO standardization 1
D 1.6/2:ST 2/2 Employees' guide to the standards of conduct 1
D 1.6/2:St 8 A Guide to international participation in the Strategic Defense Initiative 1
D 1.6/2:Su 1 Subcontracting management handbook 1
D 1.6/2:SU 3 Supporting military families in crisis : a guide to help you prevent suicide 1
D 1.6/2:SU 3/2 Preventing suicide in the U.S. military 1
D 1.6/2:Su 7 An atlas of microvascular surgery 1
D 1.6/2:T 22 A Program Office guide to technology transfer 1
D 1.6/2:T 28/2/2005 Test and evaluation management guide 1
D 1.6/2:T 59/2/MOD.1-4 Traumatic brain injury : a guide for caregivers of service members and veterans 1
D 1.6/2:T 61/2 DSCA handbook. Tactical level commander and staff toolkit 1
D 1.6/2:T 61/3 DSCA handbook. Liaison officer toolkit 1
D 1.6/2:T 68/2 Transgender service in the U.S. military : an implementation handbook 1
D 1.6/2:T 68/2/2020 Military service by transgender persons and persons with gender dysphoria : an implementation handbook 1