Call Number (LC) Title Results
CB358 .A74 Art, politics, and will : essays in honor of Lionel Trilling 1
CB358 .C55 v.1 The European past 1
CB358 .C55 v.2 The European past 1
CB359 .B47 2004 Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation 1
CB359 .H5 1969 Men and ideas in the sixteenth century 1
CB359 .H8 1915 The renaissance, the Protestant revolution and the Catholic reformation in continental Europe 1
CB359 .L8 The renaissance and the reformation 1
CB359 .M5 1939 Renaissance and reformation times 1
CB359 .R5 The foundations of early modern Europe, 1460-1559 1
CB359 .S64 1972 The Reformation : basic interpretations 1
CB359 .S65 1962 The Reformation: material or spiritual? 1
CB359 .T47 1996 Humanists and reformers : a history of the Renaissance and Reformation 1
CB359 .W38 The Renaissance and the Reformation, 1300-1600 1
CB359 .W44 2012 The Renaissance and Reformation : a history in documents 1
CB359 .W5 In search of God and self : Renaissance and Reformation thought 1
CB361 .B43 1987 Encyclopedia of the Renaissance 1
CB361 .C24 2011 Contesting the Renaissance 1
CB361 .C43 1965 Everyday life in Renaissance times 1
CB361 .C5 1959 The Civilization of the renaissance 1
CB361 .D27 The Renaissance: medieval or modern? 1