Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.402:V 63/2 Abandoned and derelict vessels 1
C 55.402:V 82 Visitor profiles Florida Keys, Key West 1
C 55.402:W 11 A behavior change campaign to reduce plastic shotgun wad debris on the North-Central California coast / Kate Bimrose [and eight others] 1
C 55.402:W 15 The story of the Coast Survey steamer, Robert J. Walker 1
C 55.402:W 29 Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services implementation plan water level observation network for Central America 1
C 55.402:W 29/PLAN 2 Action plan II : regional monitoring, data access, and interagency coordination 1
C 55.402:W 29/PLAN 3 Action plan III : marinas and boating 1
C 55.402:W 53 Coastal wetlands of the United States : an accounting of a valuable national resource 1
C 55.402:W 72 Wind sensor alignment procedure for the R. M. Young wind monitor
Transcript of Workshop on Wind-Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting Models : June 3-5, 1980, Gaithersburg, Maryland
C 55.402:W 72/2 Water level station specification and deliverables for shoreline mapping projects 1
C 55.402:W 72/3 Next Generation Water Level Measurement System (NGWLMS) site design, preparation and installation manual 1
C 55.402:W 72/4 Wind sensor alignment procedure for the R. M. Young wind monitor 1
C 55.402:W 89/2 Workshop proceedings on setting program objectives for NOAA's Center for Coastal Ecosystem Health, Charleston, South Carolina, April 14-15, 1994 1
C 55.408:2002025375 National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan handbook 1
C 55.408:2004003360 Computational techniques for tidal datums handbook 1
C 55.408:AE 8 Aeronautical chart user's guide 1
C 55.408:B 43/2 User's guide for GPS observations at tide and water level station bench marks 1
C 55.408:B 43/3 User's guide for the installation of bench marks and leveling requirements for water level stations 1
C 55.408:C 37/998 National Ocean Service, United States Power Squadrons : cooperative charting manual 1
C 55.408:C 63/994 Coast pilot manual 1