Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.402:C 81/13 Coral reef condition. A status report for the Pacific Remote Islands 1
C 55.402:C 88 Coastal crosslinks : integrating support for maritime commerce and coastal management 1
C 55.402:D 26 The North American datum and the surveyor : presented to XIV Pan American Consultation on Cartography, Pan American Institute of Geography and History, Santiago, Chile 1982 1
C 55.402:D 35 Marine debris 1
C 55.402:D 35/2/ Accomplishments report
NOAA Marine Debris Program & project accomplishments
C 55.402:D 35/3 An analysis of marine debris in the US 1
C 55.402:D 36 Deepwater Horizon oil characteristics and concerns 1
C 55.402:D 37/2 Delaware River and Bay tidal circulation and water level forecast atlas 1
C 55.402:D 56 Attachment R, requirements for digital photographs of survey control 1
C 55.402:D 63/2 Discover your changing world with NOAA : an activity book 1
C 55.402:D 63/993 Distances between United States ports 1
C 55.402:D 63/2002 Distances between United States ports 1
C 55.402:D 64 Dive into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary 1
C 55.402:EA 7 Report of the Middle East Seas Regional Strategy Workshop for the International Coral Reef Initiative, Aqaba, Jordan, 21-25 September 1997 1
C 55.402:EC 7/2 NOAA report on the U.S. economy and Great Lakes economy 1
C 55.402:EC 7/2002 The state of coral reef ecosystems of the United States and Pacific Freely Associated States 1
C 55.402:EL 5/FINAL Final environmental assessment, Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve boundary change : Watsonville, California 1
C 55.402:EN 8 Environmental field services statement of objectives 1
C 55.402:EN 8/2 Entanglement, entanglement of marine species in marine debris with an emphasis on species in the United States 1
C 55.402:Es 8/2/v.3 National estuarine inventory data atlas 1