Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.363: Guided Angler Fish Program ... annual report
Guided Angler Fish (GAF) Program final ... report
C 55.364: Annual report to Congress on the Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program 1
C 55.365: National report on large whale entanglements confirmed in the United States in . 1
C 55.401: Fiscal year ... annual report
Year in review
National Ocean Survey annual report
C 55.401/3-2: Strategic plan 1
C 55.402: Northeast Monitoring Program ... annual report 1
C 55.402:2002025367 Fair market value analysis for a fiber optic cable permit in National Marine Sanctuaries final report 1
C 55.402:2002025372 Our national marine sanctuaries national marine sanctuaries, 1972-2002, 30th anniversary : state of the sanctuary report 1
C 55.402:2002025430 Cordell Bank national marine sanctuaries
Cordell bank : state of the sanctuary report
C 55.402:2002025435 Monterey Bay state of the sanctuary report 1
C 55.402:2002025467 National Marine Sanctuary Program selection of priority issues to address in the Joint Management Plan Review Joint Management Plan Review (JMPR), Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones & Monterey Bay, national marine sanctuaries 1
C 55.402:2003003545 State coastal management effectiveness in protecting beaches, dunes, bluffs, rocky shores a national overview 1
C 55.402:2003020278 Survey of benthic macroinfauna and levels of chemical contaminants in sediments and biota at Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary FY01 annual report for the 2000-2002 site characterization study of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary 1
C 55.402:2003022128 Towards an integrated NOS environmental monitoring strategy. Report 1, Current and planned NOS environmental monitoring activities 1
C 55.402:2003024395 Hawaiian Islands humpback whale state of the sanctuary report 1
C 55.402:2004004239 National dialogues Forum on the Future of Coastal Stewardship, March 22, 1999, Washington, DC 1
C 55.402:2004020287 Guidance for benthic habitat mapping an aerial photographic approach 1
C 55.402:AB 8 National Ocean Survey abstracts 1
C 55.402:AE 8/4 The National Ocean Survey's aeronautical radar video map : a unique cartographic product : presented to XIV Pan American Consultation on Cartography, Pan American Institute of Geography and History, Santiago, Chile, 1982 1
C 55.402:Ae 8/5/CD Aeronautical charting data, sampler II 1