Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.2:T 78/17 Detecting Japan tsunami marine debris at sea : a synthesis of efforts and lessons learned 1
C 55.2:T 78/17/2014 Tsunami, the great waves 1
C 55.2:T 78/18 U.S. tsunami hazard 1
C 55.2:T 78/19 Tsunami : awareness & safety 1
C 55.2:T 86 Sea turtle strandings and the Deepwater oil spill 1
C 55.2:T 86/2 A lucky turtle : the journey of a cold-stunned sea turtle 1
C 55.2:UN 2/970-78 U.S. underwater diving fatality statistics, 1970-78 1
C 55.2:V 81 Phase I archeological survey for the Virts Property Wetlands Creation Area, St. Mary's County, Maryland final report 1
C 55.2:V 88/2 Hawaii volcanism ; impact on the environment 1
C 55.2:V 88/3/995 Volcanic rocks and features 1
C 55.2:V 88/4 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Volcanic Ash and Aviation Safety : June 21-24, 2004, Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel, Alexandria, Virginia (USA) 1
C 55.2:V 88/SET 1/997 Volcanoes in eruption 1
C 55.2:V 88/SET 2/995 Volcanoes in eruption 1
C 55.2:W 27 Scaling the Washington Creek restoration project to the Chalk Point oil spill diamondback terrapin injury 1
C 55.2:W 29/2 The contribution of NOAA buoys to a global ocean observing system benefits to climate prediction and research 1
C 55.2:W 29/3 Waterfowl mortality study Swanson Creek natural resource damage assessment 1
C 55.2:W 29/4 White Water to Blue Water : an Oceans, Fisheries and Coastal Zone Partnership Initiative for the World Summit on Sustainable Development
White Water to Blue Water an oceans, fisheries and coastal zone partnership initiative for the World Summit on Sustainable Development
C 55.2:W 31 Airsheds and watersheds : the role of atmospheric nitrogen deposition : a report of the Shared Resources Workshop, Airlie Conference Center, Warrenton, VA 22186, 11 & 12 October, 1995 1
C 55.2:W 37/2 Toward a new national weather service : a first report 1
C 55.2:W 37/2/992 Toward a new national weather service : second report 1