Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.2:OI 5 Sensitivity of coastal environments to spilled oil : southern California 1
C 55.2:OI 5/2 Improving oil spill information for Delaware Bay : the alternatives 1
C 55.2:OI 5/3 What to expect in South Florida from the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill 1
C 55.2:OI 5/4 Using boom in response to oil spills NOAA's oil spill response 1
C 55.2:OI 5/5 BP Deepwater Horizon oil budget what happened to the oil? 1
C 55.2:OI 5/6 Aerial observations of oil at sea 1
C 55.2:OI 5/7 S.S. Jacob Luckenbach and associated mystery oil spills : final damage assessment and restoration plan/environmental assessment 1
C 55.2:OI 5/8 Oil spill case histories, 1967-1991 : summaries of significant U.S. and international spills 1
C 55.2:OL 9 Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary draft management plan and draft environmental assessment 1
C 55.2:OL 9/2 Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary final management plan and environmental assessment 1
C 55.2:OP 2 NWS regional and local climate service delivery operations document 1
C 55.2:OP 2/2 Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) 1
C 55.2:OP 2/3 General NOAA Operational Modeling Environment (GNOME) technical documentation 1
C 55.2:OP 2/4 General NOAA Operational Modeling Environment (GNOME) technical documentation, data formats 1
C 55.2:OR 1 NIST space management system using ORACLE and the World Wide Web 1
C 55.2:OS 6 Reproductive success of osprey (Pandion haliaetus) nesting in the vicinity of the Chalk Point oil spill final report 1
C 55.2:OY 8 West Coast native oyster restoration 2010 workshop proceedings, September 16-17, 2010, Suquamish, Washington 1
C 55.2:P 11/2 Pacific coral reef coloring book 1
C 55.2:P 11/3 Strategic plan, 2016-2020 1
C 55.2:P 11/4 Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) strategic plan 2013-2017 1