Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.2:G 95/4 A strategy for a healthy Gulf of Mexico : resilience through ecosystem restoration 1
C 55.2:H 11 Habitat protection activity report, 1991-1993 1
C 55.2:H 11/2 NOAA fisheries : National Habitat Plan - 1997 and beyond
Tidal creek habitats sentinels of coastal health
C 55.2:H 11/3 Restoring coastal & marine habitats 1
C 55.2:H 11/6 Shorelines and coastal habitats in the Gulf of Mexico fact sheet 1
C 55.2:H 11/7 Hands on habitat celebrating 10 years of coastal restoration 1
C 55.2:H 11/8 San Francisco Bay subtidal habitat goals report conservation planning for the submerged areas of the bay : 50-year conservation plan 1
C 55.2:H 11/9 Through a fish's eye the status of fish habitats in the United States 2010 1
C 55.2:H 22 Out of harm's way : the escalating costs of natural disasters 1
C 55.2:H 31 Status of Hawaii's coastal fisheries in the new millennium : proceedings of the 2001 Fisheries Symposium 1
C 55.2:H 31/3 Hawaiian archipelago's coral reef management priorities 1
C 55.2:H 33 Hazardous materials response project : program plan 1
C 55.2:H 33/3 Natural hazard watch and warning : with safety rules for tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, flash floods, thunderstorms/lightning, winter storms = Estado de alerta y estado de peligro en los casos de riesgos naturales : medidas de seguridad en casos de tornados, huracanes, inundaciones, inundaciones repentinas (torrentes), tormentas electricas, tormentas de invierno 1
C 55.2:H 33/4 Environmental hazards and mud volcanoes in Romania 1
C 55.2:H 35/3 Heat wave : a major summer killer 1
C 55.2:H 43 Reproductive success of great blue herons (Ardia herodias) nesting in Swanson Creek, Maryland during the Chalk Point oil spill final report 1
C 55.2:H 62 NOAA, a young agency with an historic tradition of service to the nation 1
C 55.2:H 62/2 A history of the federal biological laboratory at Beaufort, North Carolina 1899-1999 1
C 55.2:H 68 The Hokkaido Nansei-Oki earthquake July 12, 1993 1
C 55.2:H 86 Hudson-Raritan Estuary Project : technical development plan, fiscal year 1981 1