Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.2:G 51/7 Global Positioning System (GPS) workshop October 4, 1994, Silver Spring, Maryland 1
C 55.2:G 51/8 Global climate change and the rising challenge of the sea proceedings of the international workshop, held on Margarita Island, Venezuela, March 9-13, 1992 = Cambio climatico global y el reto del incremento del mar : memorias del taller internacional, realizado en la Isla de Margarita, Venezuela, 9-13 de marzo, 1992 1
C 55.2:G 51/9 The United States detailed national report on systematic observations for climate : United States Global Climate Observing System (U.S.-GCOS) program 1
C 55.2:G 79 Restoring the Great Lakes' coastal future : technical guidance for the design and implementation of climate-smart restoration projects 1
C 55.2:G 79/2 NOAA ocean and Great Lakes acidification research plan 1
C 55.2:G 79/2/HIGHLIGHTS NOAA ocean and Great Lakes acidification : research plan highlights 1
C 55.2:G 79/3 Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary : connectivity : bibliography 1
C 55.2:G 93 Guam's coral reef management priorities 1
C 55.2:G 95 NOAA involvement in the Gulf of Mexico 1
C 55.2:G 95/2 The Gulf of Mexico at a glance 2
C 55.2:G 95/3 The Gulf of Mexico at a glance : a second glance 1
C 55.2:G 95/4 A strategy for a healthy Gulf of Mexico : resilience through ecosystem restoration 1
C 55.2:H 11 Habitat protection activity report, 1991-1993 1
C 55.2:H 11/2 NOAA fisheries : National Habitat Plan - 1997 and beyond
Tidal creek habitats sentinels of coastal health
C 55.2:H 11/3 Restoring coastal & marine habitats 1
C 55.2:H 11/6 Shorelines and coastal habitats in the Gulf of Mexico fact sheet 1
C 55.2:H 11/7 Hands on habitat celebrating 10 years of coastal restoration 1
C 55.2:H 11/8 San Francisco Bay subtidal habitat goals report conservation planning for the submerged areas of the bay : 50-year conservation plan 1
C 55.2:H 11/9 Through a fish's eye the status of fish habitats in the United States 2010 1
C 55.2:H 22 Out of harm's way : the escalating costs of natural disasters 1