Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.2:2003015312 The use of earth observing satellites for hazard support assessments & scenarios : final report of the CEOS Disaster Management Support Group : chair's overview 1
C 55.2:2003017107 Scientific assessment of ozone depletion, 2002 : twenty questions and answers about the ozone layer 1
C 55.2:2003018405 An introduction and user's guide to wetland restoration, creation, and enhancement 1
C 55.2:2003020285 Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary a rapid assessment of coral, fish, and algae using the AGRRA protocol 1
C 55.2:2003021490 Revealing the economic value of protecting the Great Lakes 1
C 55.2:2003021491 Prevention, control, and mitigation of harmful algal blooms a research plan 1
C 55.2:2003021492 Bering Sea FOCI final report 1
C 55.2:2003024317 Scientific assessment of ozone depletion, 2002. Executive summary 1
C 55.2:2004003461 Town meeting on America's coastal future using the Internet to promote coastal stewardship 1
C 55.2:2004004234 The Stratton Roundtable looking back, looking forward : lessons from the 1969 Commission on Marine Science, Engineering, and Resources (1969) : proceedings 1
C 55.2/2:SU 8 Sustainable seas expedition to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, June 5-24, 2000, July 14-19, 2000 a project of the National Geographic Society, in cooperation with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 1
C 55.2/3:G 51 Global seafloor topography measured & estimated from gravity data derived from satellite altimetry and shipboard depth soundings : a full color poster 1
C 55.2:81/7 NOAA coral reef ecosystem research plan for fiscal years 2007 to 2011 1
C 55.2:97019123 Setting a new course for U.S. coastal ocean science : final report of the Subcommittee on U.S. Coastal Ocean Science 1
C 55.2:AC 2 National marine sanctuaries : accompliahments report 1
C 55.2:AC 2/2 FY2000 accomplishments and future activities 1
C 55.2:AC 7 Fram Strait Acoustic Monitoring for Ocean Climate Studies : a workshop report, September 25 to 26, 1996 1
C 55.2:AC 8 Coastal North Carolina : activity book 1
C 55.2:AD 9 Advisory Committee for the Sustained National Climate Assessment 1
C 55.2:AE 8 Replicate aerial photographic censuses of Oregon Common murre colonies, 1996-1997 1