Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.13/2:CRCP-13 Proceedings of the International Workshop on Red Coral Science, Management, and Trade lessons from the Mediterranean 1
C 55.13/2:CRCP 16 Total economic value for protecting and restoring Hawaiian coral reef ecosystems : final report 1
C 55.13/2:CRCP 26 Relative resilience potential and bleaching severity in the West Hawai'i Habitat Focus Area in 2015 1
C 55.13/2:CRCP 27 Adaptation design tool : corals & climate adaption planning 1
C 55.13/2:CRCP 29 Coral reef resilience to climate change in Guam in 2016 1
C 55.13/2:CRCP 30 National Coral Reef Monitoring Program socioeconomic monitoring component : summary findings for Hawaii, 2015 1
C 55.13/2:CRCP 31 US coral reef monitoring : data summary 2018 1
C 55.13/2:CRCP 33 Assessing the resilience of leeward Maui reefs to help design a resilient managed area network 1
C 55.13/2:CRCP 36 A manager's guide to coral reef restoration planning and design 1
C 55.13/2:EL 2/ ... National Electronic Monitoring Workshop report 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AL-11 Poker Flat MST radar data bases 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AL-13 Analysis of deep convective clouds and their association with non-migrating atmospheric diurnal tides in the tropical troposphere 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AOML-67 Joint CGS-AOML acoustical bottom echo-formation research II : field experiment results and recommendations for echo-sounder design 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AOML-68 A note on relationships between western Sahel rainfall and U.S. hurricane activity 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AOML-69 Surface meteorological and near surface oceanographic atlas of the tropical Indian Ocean 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AOML-70 Meteorological conditions over the South Atlantic Ocean during July and August of 1991 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AOML-71 Shipboard acoustic doppler current profiler data collected during the Subtropical Atlantic Climate Studies (STACS) Project (1989-1990) 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AOML-73 Reception at Ascension Island, South Atlantic, of the transmissions from the Heard Island feasibility test 1
C 55.13/2:ERL AOML-74 Chlorophyll a and phaeopigment concentrations in the Mississippi River plume and adjacent shelf waters 1
C 55.13/2:ERL-AOML-75 Nearshore current measurements for the SEFLOE II project, 1991-1992 1