Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 13.29/2:181 High-rise database-assisted design 1.1 (HR_DAD_1.1) : concepts, software, and examples 1
C 13.32:43 Tables of sines and cosines for radian arguments 1
C 13.32:55 Handbook of mathematical functions with formulas, graphs, and mathematical tables 1
C 13.36/7: NIST update 1
C 13.37:58/993/index Federal information processing standards publications (FIPS pubs) index 1
C 13.37:72/990 Semiconductor measurement technology 1
C 13.37:80 NBS list of publications : a list by subject category 1
C 13.37:103/2000 National Semiconductor Metrology Program : [catalog] 1
C 13.37:305-24 NIST list of publications by subject category abridged 1
C 13.37:305-25 NIST list of publications by subject category abridged 1
C 13.4:410 National standard petroleum oil tables 1
C 13.4:490 The Geiger-Müller counter 1
C 13.44:80 Ionospheric radio propagation 1
C 13.44:155/999 From sundials to atomic clocks understanding time and frequency 1
C 13.44:175 Temperature-electromotive force reference functions and tables for the letter-designated thermocouple types based on the ITS-90 1
C 13.44:177 Properties of copper and copper alloys at cryogenic temperatures 1
C 13.44:179 The global equivalence ratio concept and the prediction of carbon monoxide formation in enclosure fires 1
C 13.44:180 The gage block handbook 1
C 13.46: ARPA-NBS program of research on high temperature materials and laser materials
Spectrochemical analysis : optical spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, and electron probe microanalysis techniques
Reactor Radiation Division : annual progress report for the period ending October 31
Microchemical Analysis Section : summary of activities
NBS reactor, summary of activities
Methods of measurement for semiconductor materials, process control, and devices : quarterly report
Measures for air quality, annual report
C 13.46:40- Mean electron density variations of the quiet ionosphere
Mean electron density variations of the quiet ionosphere .