Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 13.2:P 94/3 Fire protection and life safety provisions applied to the design and construction of WTC 1, 2, and 7 and post-construction provisions applied after occupancy 1
C 13.2:P 94/3/ Programs, activities, and accomplishments 1
C 13.2:P 94/4 Comparison of the 1968 and current (2003) New York City building code provisions 1
C 13.2:R 11/7 Achievement in radio : seventy years of radio science, technology, standards and measurement at the National Bureau of Standards 1
C 13.2:R 25 Standard reference data : Office of Measurement Services ; Technology Services 1
C 13.2:Sci 2/8 Science, technology, and competitiveness retrospective on a symposium in celebration of NIST's 90th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of the Gaithersburg laboratories, November 14-15, 1991 1
C 13.2:Sci 2/9/992 NIST in the 1990s 1
C 13.2:SE 2/2 Information systems security 1
C 13.2:SE 2/3 Information technology security 1
C 13.2:SE 2/4 Roadmap to NIST information security documents 1
C 13.2:Se 5/2 Semiconductor electronics 1
C 13.2:SE 5/994 Semiconductor 1
C 13.2:SH 7 Reaction of ceiling tile systems to shocks 1
C 13.2:SI 4 Computer simulation of the fires in the World Trade Center towers 1
C 13.2:SO 4/2002 Solutions for manufacturers : Manufacturing Extension Partnership 1
C 13.2:St 1/2 Standards management : Office of Standards Services : Technology services 1
C 13.2:ST 3 Mechanical properties of structural steels 1
C 13.2:ST 8 Design and construction of structural systems 1
C 13.2:ST 8/3 Damage and failure modes of structural steel components 1
C 13.2:ST 8/DRAFT Design, construction, and maintenance of structural and life safety systems (draft) 1