Call Number (LC) Title Results
BV4831 .S36 The Seventeenth-century resolve : a historical anthology of a literary form 1
BV4832.2 .D54 1988 Holy the firm 1
BV4832.2 .G75 1977 Return to the center 1
BV4832.2 .H324 Security blankets family size 1
BV4832.2 .H415 1977 Living in the questions 1
BV4832.2 .L44 The beautiful way of life 1
BV4832.2 .L466 1996 Readings for meditation and reflection 1
BV4832.2 .P56 WayFinders for believers and non-believers 1
BV4832.2 .S5 1972 Time for all things; meditations on the Christian management of time 1
BV4832.2 .S884 1985 Come before winter-- and share my hope 1
BV4832.3 .W75 2006 The writings of Julian of Norwich : A vision showed to a devout woman and a revelation of love 1
BV4834 .T47 1952 Theologia Germanica; the way to a sinless life 1
BV4905 .L48 1977 The problem of pain 1
BV4905.2 .L4 1961 A grief observed 1
BV4905.2 .S61 From sunset to dawn; a book of meditations to help those in grief 1
BV4905.3 .T365 2018 It's not supposed to be this way : finding unexpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered 1
BV4909 .S38 1995 What happens to good people when bad things happen 1
BV4915 .C5 The Oxford group, its history and significance 1
BV4935.C63 A33 Born again 1
BV4935.M87 A35 1982 My life without God 1