Call Number (LC) Title Results
BV4509.5 .H67 2000 Affirming the touch of God : a psychological and philosophical exploration of Christian discernment 1
BV4515 .L37 1958 The pilgrim's regress; an allegorical apology for Christianity, reason, and romanticism 1
BV4526.2 .B7 Bless this house 1
BV4526.2 .M37 1986 The Christian home in Victorian America, 1840-1900 1
BV4527 .S44 1985 Silent but for the word : Tudor women as patrons, translators, and writers of religious works 1
BV4531.2 .G73 The Jesus generation 1
BV4531.2 .R6 Youth asks why bother about God 1
BV4579.5 .O28 The second journey 1
BV4580 .M35 The best is yet to be 1
BV4596.G38 O97 2018 Our witness : the unheard stories of LGBT+ Christians 1
BV4596.W37 T69 2014 Mission at Nuremberg : an American army chaplain and the trial of the Nazis 1
BV4598.2 .P43 1993 Further along the road less traveled : the unending journey toward spiritual growth : the edited lectures 1
BV4598.24 .L44 2014 Love idol : letting go of your need for approval --and seeing yourself through God's eyes 1
BV4599 .B4 Family vacation idea book 1
BV4625 .M46 Whatever became of sin? 1
BV4626 .L95 The seven deadly sins : society and evil 1
BV4627.S65 W43 The sin of sloth; acedia in medieval thought and literature 1
BV4630 .W38 2016 Living in truth, beauty, and goodness : values and virtues 1
BV4633 .T5 1960 Love, power, and justice; ontological analyses and ethical applications. Given as Firth lectures in Nottingham, England, and as Sprunt lectures in Richmond, Virginia 1
BV4637 .P68 A reason to live! A reason to die! : a new look at faith in God 1