Call Number (LC) Title Results
BT82.2 .S18 1978 The roots of fundamentalism : British and American millenarianism, 1800-1930 1
BT82.2 .S518 2009 The family : the secret fundamentalism at the heart of American power 1
BT82.2 .S77 1994 Apocalypse : on the psychology of fundamentalism in America 1
BT82.7 .R58 1983 Black theology today : liberation and contextualization 1
BT82.7 .W57 1987 The way of the black Messiah : the hermeneutical challenge of black theology as a theology of liberation 1
BT83.5 .A43 The gospel of Christian atheism 1
BT83.5 .A46 Radical theology and the death of God 1
BT83.5 A47 Toward a new Christianity; readings in the death of God theology 1
BT83.5 .M6 The 'Is God dead ?' controversy; a philosophical-theological critique of the death of God movement 1
BT83.5 .M8 1967 The meaning of the death of God ; Protestant, Jewish, and Catholic scholars explore atheistic theology 1
BT83.57 .C65 The church and the national security state 1
BT83.57 .H35 1985 An alternative vision : an interpretation of liberation theology 1
BT83.57 .N8613 Frontiers of theology in Latin America 1
BT83.57.S449 H46 Theologies in conflict : the challenge of Juan Luis Segundo 1
BT83.6 .B76 Process philosophy and Christian thought 1
BT83.6 .C6 Process theology : an introductory exposition 1
BT83.7 M37 1978B A general theory of secularization 1
BT88 .T63 Problems of authority; the papers read at an Anglo-French symposium held at the Abbey of Notre-Dame du Bec, in April 1961 . 1
BT90 .M67 1969 Tradition and authority in the western church, 300-1140 1
BT91 .F83 Ecclesiastical office and the primacy of Rome : an evaluation of recent theological discussion of First Clement 1