Call Number (LC) Title Results
BT736.2 .S3 1983 Who is for peace? 1
BT738 .E4 Christianity and culture: The idea of a Christian society and Notes towards the definition of culture 1
BT738 .E4 1968 Christianity and culture : The idea of a christian society and Notes towards the definition of culture 1
BT738 .G67 No bigger than necessary : an alternative to socialism, capitalism, and anarchism 1
BT738 .G8613 A theology of liberation: history, politics, and salvation 1
BT738 .K38 1977 Why conservative churches are growing : a study in sociology of religion 1
BT738 .L3513 Liberation, development, and salvation 1
BT738.3 .W48 When all else fails; Christian arguments on violent revolution 1
BT741.2 .B87 1972 Christian mortalism from Tyndale to Milton 1
BT741.2 .H65 1986 The reality of the mind : Augustine's philosophical arguments for the human soul as a spiritual substance 1
BT746 .H63 2008 Holy dogs and asses : animals in the Christian tradition 1
BT751.2 .M58 1995 Jonathan Edwards and the Catholic vision of salvation 1
BT751.2 .P73 I'm saved, you're saved--maybe 1
BT755 .D313 1958 Holy pagans of the Old Testament 1
BT761.2 .B6313 Liberating grace 1
BT771 .T54 1958 Dynamics of faith 1
BT810.3 .G85 2018 Last call for liberty : how America's genius for freedom has become its greatest threat 1
BT821.2 .M6313 1967B Theology of hope; on the ground and the implications of a Christian eschatology 1
BT825 .A76 Death is all right 1
BT825 .A8 1977 Experiences facing death 1