Call Number (LC) Title Results
BT101 .D253 God and the ways of knowing 1
BT101 .P48 1967 Your God is too small 1
BT101 .P75 1920 The idea of God : in the light of recent philosophy 1
BT102.A1 I57 1984 The Intellectuals speak out about God : a handbook for the Christian student in a secular society 1
BT102.A1 I8 Is God God? 1
BT102 .A33 How to think about God : a guide for the 20th-century pagan 1
BT102 .B55 God and atheism : a philosophical approach to the problem of God 1
BT102 .C73 1993 Theism, atheism, and big bang cosmology 1
BT102 .E52 The feminine dimension of the Divine 1
BT102 .G324 1991 On the nature and existence of God 1
BT102 .H347 1985 The politics at God's funeral : the spiritual crisis of Western civilization 1
BT102 .K8213 1980 Does God exist? : an answer for today 1
BT102 .O9 The moral argument for Christian theism 1
BT102 .P26 1973 Knowing God 1
BT102 .R675 God knowable and unknowable 1
BT102 .W33 1974 The concept of God 1
BT121.2 .J66 1975 The spirit and the world 1
BT121.2 .S67 1990 The mystery of the Holy Spirit 1
BT122 .M35 1978 The helper 1
BT122.5 .M35 1985 Glossolalia : behavioral science perspectives on speaking in tongues 1