Call Number (LC) Title Results
BP603 .W34 1979 Salvation and protest : studies of social and religious movements 1
BP605.B72 A76 1995 Armageddon in Waco : critical perspectives on the Branch Davidian conflict 1
BP605.B72 F76 1994 From the ashes : making sense of Waco 1
BP605.B72 T35 2023 Koresh : the true story of David Koresh and the tragedy at Waco 1
BP605.D58 D69 Sacred journeys : the conversion of young Americans to Divine Light Mission 1
BP605.I18 K55 1982 v.2 The magic presence 1
BP605.N48 F32 1996 New Age thinking : a psychoanalytic critique 1
BP605.N48 G67 1988 Channeling into the new age : the "teachings" of Shirley MacLaine and other such gurus : an unauthorized account 1
BP605.N48 M43 1991 Buffalo woman comes singing : the spirit song of a rainbow medicine woman 1
BP605.N48 P46 1992 Perspectives on the new age 1
BP605.N48 V57 1986 Models of love : the parent-child journey 1
BP605.P46 K56 1980 The cult that died : the tragedy of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple 1
BP605.P46 K7 Guyana massacre : the eyewitness account 1
BP605.P46 M54 Six years with God : life inside Reverend Jim Jones's Peoples Temple 1
BP605.P46 N34 1981 Journey to nowhere : a New World tragedy 1
BP605.P46 R44 1982 Raven : the untold story of the Rev. Jim Jones and his people 1
BP605.P46 R47 1981 Our father who art in hell 1
BP605.R335 J64 1993 The path of the masters : the science of Surat Shabd yoga ; the yoga of the audible life stream 1
BP605.S2 G37 The hidden story of scientology 1
BP605.S2 H69 2007 Dianetics 55! : the complete manual of human communication 1