Call Number (LC) Title Results
BM535 .K43 2001 The Popes against the Jews : the Vatican's role in the rise of modern anti-semitism 1
BM535 .N64 1989 Jewish-Christian dialogue : a Jewish justification 1
BM535 .P195 1961 The conflict of the church and the synagogue : a study in the origins of antisemitism 1
BM535 .R447 1987 Renewing the Judeo-Christian wellsprings 1
BM535 .R63 1985 Christians and Jews : the eternal bond 1
BM535 .S217 1972 Two living traditions; essays on religion and the Bible 1
BM535 .S228 1985 American Christianity and the Judeo-Christian tradition 1
BM535 .S2883 The Jewish-Christian argument 1
BM535 .S53 1988 Jewish-Christian relations : an annotated bibliography and resource guide 1
BM535 .T876 Judaism, possibility of new perspectives : a study in contemporary American Christian theology 1
BM535 .W55 1989 Our father Abraham : Jewish roots of the Christian faith 1
BM545.A45 C6 1968 The teachings of Maimonides 1
BM545.A45 R6 Maimonides; his wisdom for our time; selected from his twelfth-century classics 1
BM545 .D3 1956 The guide for the perplexed 1
BM560 .B323 The story of Judaism 1
BM560 .G18 Our Jewish heritage 1
BM560 .S8 Basic Judaism 1
BM561 .D378 2000 An introduction to Judaism 1
BM561 .H44 1959 Judaism and modern man : an interpretation of Jewish religion 1
BM561 .H46 1959 God in search of man; a philosophy of Judaism 1