Call Number (LC) Title Results
BF575.S75 G48 Stress & the bottom line : a guide to personal well-being and corporate health 1
BF575.S75 G66 1999 Comprehensive stress management 1
BF575.S75 H35 1982 Handbook of stress : theoretical and clinical aspects 1
BF575.S75 H36 Handbook on stress and anxiety 1
BF575.S75 H38 1986 The joy of stress 1
BF575.S75 H623 1998 Stress, culture, and community : the psychology and philosophy of stress 1
BF575.S75 J3 Stress and frustration 1
BF575.S75 J33 1982 Stress, attitudes, and decisions : selected papers 1
BF575.S75 L32 1984 Stress, appraisal, and coping 1
BF575.S75 L33 The natural way to stress control 1
BF575.S75 L413 Stress: sources, management & prevention; medical & psychological aspects of the stress of everyday life 1
BF575.S75 P75 1984 Principles and practice of stress management 1
BF575.S75 S44 1975 Stress without distress 1
BF575.S75 S6 1970 Social and psychological factors in stress 1
BF575.S75 S754 1997 Stress and adversity over the life course : trajectories and turning points 1
BF575.S75 S76 Stress and anxiety 1
BF575.S75 S76 v.2 Stress and anxiety 1
BF575.S75 S76 v.3 Stress and anxiety 1
BF575.S75 S76 v.4 Stress and anxiety 1
BF575.S75 S76 v.5 Stress and anxiety 1