Call Number (LC) Title Results
BF161 .O9 The mature mind 1
BF161 .R68 1988 Brains and people : an essay on mentality and its causal conditions 1
BF161 .R9 1949 The concept of mind 1
BF161 .S23 1976 Cybernetics and the philosophy of mind 1
BF161 .S352 1984 Minds, brains, and science 1
BF161 .W455 2016 The mind-body problem 1
BF171 .M54 1983 States of mind 1
BF172 .C66 1995 How to learn the Alexander technique : a manual for students 1
BF173 .A46 Co-operation between the sexes : writings on women, love and marriage, sexuality, and its disorders 1
BF173 .A47 1964a The individual psychology of Alfred Adler : a systematic presentation in selections from his writings 1
BF173 .B82 1960 Basic principles of psychoanalysis 1
BF173 .C35 1988 Immaterial facts : Freud's discovery of psychic reality and Klein's development of his work 1
BF173 .C483 Childhood and selfhood : essays on tradition, religion, and modernity in the psychology of Erik H. Erikson 1
BF173 .E63 1994 Psychoanalytic theory : an introduction 1
BF173 .E9 Handbook of abnormal psychology : an experimental approach 1
BF173 .F494 A history of psychoanalysis 1
BF173 .F61635 Why people act that way 1
BF173 .F6173 1946 The ego and the mechanisms of defence 1
BF173.F6183 S26 1985 The analysis of defense : the ego and the mechanisms of defense revisited 1
BF173 .F625 The basic writings of Sigmund Freud 1