Call Number (LC) Title Results
B2948 .K3 1966 Hegel; a reinterpretation 1
B2948 .M25 Studies in the Hegelian dialectic 1
B2948 .M8 An introduction to Hegel 1
B2948 .S65 1987 From Hegel to existentialism 1
B2948 .S89 Studies in Hegel 1
B2948 .T393 Hegel and modern society 1
B2948 .Z55 2012 Less than nothing : Hegel and the shadow of dialectical materialism 1
B2949.H5 O27 1975 Hegel on reason and history : a contemporary interpretation 1
B2949.S8 A95 1974 Hegel's theory of the modern state 1
B2971 .G7 E52 Principles of the philosophy of the future 1
B2971.W4 E5 1957 The essence of Christianity 1
B2973 .E53 1941 Ludwig Feuerbach and the outcome of classical German philosophy 1
B3108 .E3 The philosophy of Schopenhauer 1
B3108 .E3 1928 The philosophy of Schopenhauer 1
B3108 .P3 Selections 1
B3108 .S35 1928 The works of Schopenhauer : abridged 1
B3114.E5 .P3 On the basis of morality 1
B3118.E5 S47 Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer 1
B3138.E5 H2 1961 The world as will and idea 1
B3138.E5 .P32 1958 The world as will and representation 1