Call Number (LC) Title Results
AE 2.110/2:115-1 An Act to Authorize the President to Award the Medal of Honor to John L. Canley for Acts of Valor during the Vietnam War While a Member of the Marine Corps 2
AE 2.110:100-86 An Act to Regulate Nonbank Banks, Impose a Moratorium on Certain Securities and Insurance Activities by Banks, Recapitalize the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, Allow Emergency Interstate Bank Acquisitions, Streamline Credit Union Operations, Regulate Consumer Checkholds, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:100-418 An Act to Enhance the Competitiveness of American Industry, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:100-449 An Act to Implement the United States-Canada Free-Trade Agreement 1
AE 2.110:101-73 An Act to Reform, Recapitalize, and Consolidate the Federal Deposit Insurance System, to Enhance the Regulatory and Enforcement Powers of Federal Financial Institutions Regulatory Agencies, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:101-647 An Act to Control Crime 1
AE 2.110:102-18 An Act to Amend the Federal Home Loan Bank Act to Enable the Resolution Trust Corporation to Meet Its Obligations to Depositors and Others by the Least Expensive Means 1
AE 2.110:102-233 An Act to Provide Funding for the Resolution of Failed Savings Associations and Working Capital for the Resolution Trust Corporation, to Restructure the Oversight Board and the Resolution Trust Corporation, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:102-550 An Act to Amend and Extend Certain Laws Relating to Housing and Community Development, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:103-182 An Act to Implement the North American Free Trade Agreement 1
AE 2.110:103-204 An Act to Provide for the Remaining Funds Needed to Assure That the United States Fulfills Its Obligation for the Protection of Depositors at Savings and Loan Institutions, to Improve the Management of the Resolution Trust Corporation ('RTC') in Order to Assure the Taxpayers the Fairest and Most Efficient Disposition of Savings and Loan Assets, to Provide for a Comprehensive Transition Plan to Assure an Orderly Transfer of RTC Resources to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, to Abolish the RTC, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:103-325 An Act to Reduce Administrative Requirements for Insured Depository Institutions to the Extent Consistent with Safe and Sound Banking Practices, to Facilitate the Establishment of Community Development Financial Institutions, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:103-328 An Act to Amend the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, the Revised Statutes of the United States, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Act to Provide for Interstate Banking and Branching 1
AE 2.110:103-394 An Act to Amend Title 11 of the United States Code 1
AE 2.110:104-2 An Act to Amend Section 61h-6 of Title 2, United States Code 1
AE 2.110:104-3 An Act to Amend the Charter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to Make Eligible for Membership Those Veterans That Have Served within the Territorial Limits of South Korea 1
AE 2.110:104-4 Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 1
AE 2.110:104-5 An Act to Amend a Provision of Part A of Title IX of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, Relating to Indian Education, to Provide a Technical Amendment, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:104-6 An Act Making Emergency Supplemental Appropriations and Rescissions to Preserve and Enhance the Military Readiness of the Department of Defense for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 1995, and for Other Purposes 1
AE 2.110:104-7 An Act to Amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to Permanently Extend the Deduction for the Health Insurance Costs of Self-employed Individuals, to Repeal the Provision Permitting Nonrecognition of Gain on Sales and Exchanges Effectuating Policies of the Federal Communications Commission, and for Other Purposes 1