Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 93.73:78 Broadband Internet's value for rural America 1
A 93.73:80 U.S. cotton prices and the world cotton market forecasting and structural change 1
A 93.73:81 The economics of agricultural and wildlife smuggling 1
A 93.73:84 Factors influencing ACRE program enrollment 1
A 93.73:89 Growth and equity effects of agricultural marketing efficiency gains in India 1
A 93.73:90 The impact of food away from home on adult diet quality 1
A 93.73:93 Rising infant formula costs to the WIC program recent trends in rebates and wholesale prices 1
A 93.73:94 Energy use in the U.S. food system 1
A 93.73:95 Assessing the benefits of public research within an economic framework the case of USDA's Agricultural Research Service 1
A 93.73:97 Local food systems concepts, impacts, and issues 1
A 93.73:98 The Farm Act's regional equity provision impacts on conservation program outcomes 1
A 93.73:100 Taxing caloric sweetened beverages potential effects on beverage consumption, calorie intake, and obesity 1
A 93.73:103 The Food Assistance National Input-Output Multiplier (FANIOM) model and stimulus effects of SNAP 1
A 93.73:107 Nonmetropolitan outmigration counties some are poor, many are prosperous 1
A 93.73:109 WIC participation patterns an investigation of delayed entry and early exit 1
A 93.73:111 Climate change policy and the adoption of methane digesters on livestock operations 1
A 93.73:113 Reciprocal trade agreements : impacts on bilateral trade expansion and contraction in the world agricultural marketplace 1
A 93.73:116 Food security improved following the 2009 ARRA increase in SNAP benefits 1
A 93.73:118 The effect of food and beverage prices on children's weights 1
A 93.73:119 Impacts of regional approaches to rural development initial evidence on the Delta Regional Authority 1