Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 93.73:224 The role of fossil fuels in the U.S. food system and the American diet 1
A 93.73:225 The influence of income and prices on global dietary patterns by country, age, and gender 1
A 93.73:226 Farm household income volatility : an analysis using panel data from a national survey 1
A 93.73:227 The potential effects of increased demand for U.S. agricultural exports on metro and nonmetro employment 1
A 93.73:228 Productivity growth and the revival of Russian agriculture 1
A 93.73:229 International trade and deforestation : potential policy effects via a global economic model 1
A 93.73:230 Rural manufacturing resilience : factors associated with plant survival, 1996-2011 1
A 93.73:231 Public disclosure of tests for Salmonella : the effects on food safety performance in chicken slaughter establishments 1
A 93.73:232 Land use, land cover, and pollinator health : a review and trend analysis 1
A 93.73:233 The effects of energy price shocks on household food security in low-income households 1
A 93.73:234 Conservation compliance : how farmer incentives are changing in the crop insurance era 1
A 93.73:235 Food insecurity, chronic disease, and health among working-age adults 1
A 93.73:236 Economic experiments for policy analysis and program design : a guide for agricultural decisionmakers 1
A 93.73:242 The relationship between patronizing direct-to-consumer outlets and a household's demand for fruits and vegetables 1
A 93.73:247 The association between nutrition information use and the healthfulness of food acquisitions 1
A 93.73:251 Consumers balance time and money in purchasing convenience foods 1
A 93.73:255 Characteristics of school districts offering free school meals to all students through the community eligibility provision of the National School Lunch Program 1
A 93.73:264 The U.S. and EU animal pharmaceutical industries in the age of antibiotic resistance 1
A 93.73:265 The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the economy : new estimates of the SNAP multiplier 1
A 93.73:266 Climate change and agricultural risk management into the 21st century 1