Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 93.73:279 Agricultural market access under tariff-rate quotas 1
A 93.73:280 Reforming market access in agricultural trade : tariff removal and the Trade Facilitation Agreement 1
A 93.73:281 Absent landlords in agriculture -- a statistical analysis 1
A 93.73:282 Economic crises and U.S. agricultural exports 1
A 93.73:283 Cost containment and participant access in USDA's Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) : evidence from the Greater Los Angeles, CA, area 1
A 93.73:284 Attributing U.S. campylobacteriosis cases to food sources, season, and temperature 1
A 93.73:285 Evaluating U.S. Department of Agriculture's long-term forecasts for U.S. harvested area 1
A 93.73:286 China's refusals of food imports 1
A 93.73:287 The opioid epidemic : a geography in two phases 1
A 93.73:290 Honey bees on the move : from pollination to honey production and back 1
A 93.73:291 Super stores' impact on the availability of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-approved stores 1
A 93.73:292 Food taxes and their impacts on food spending 1
A 93.73:295 Potential wheat demand in China : applicants for import quotas 1
A 93.73:305 Sources, trends, and drivers of U.S. dairy productivity and efficiency 1
A 93.73:308 U.S. hog production : rising output and changing trends in productivity growth 1
A 93.73:315 U.S. organic production, markets, consumers, and policy, 2000-21 1
A 93.73:829 Food insecurity among working-age veterans 1
A 93.74:34 The effects of food stamps on obesity 1
A 93.74:35 Factors associated with iron status among WIC infants and toddlers in rural West Virginia 1
A 93.74:36 Effect of state food stamp and TANF policies on Food Stamp Program participation 1