Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 93.73:211 U.S. households' demand for convenience foods 1
A 93.73:212 How do time and money affect agricultural insurance uptake? : a new approach to farm risk management analysis 1
A 93.73:213 The Stimulus Act of 2009 and its effect on food-at-home spending by SNAP participants 1
A 93.73:214 The effects of the Margin Protection Program for dairy producers 1
A 93.73:216 Comparing participation in nutrient trading by livestock operations to crop producers in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed 1
A 93.73:217 Farm profits and adoption of precision agriculture 1
A 93.73:218 Federal crop insurance options for upland cotton farmers and their revenue effects 1
A 93.73:219 The changing organization and well-being of midsize U.S. farms, 1992-2014 1
A 93.73:220 Food insecurity measures : experience-based versus nutrition-based evidence from India, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia 1
A 93.73:221 U.S. food commodity availability by food source, 1994-2008 1
A 93.73:222 USDA microloans for farmers : participation patterns and effects of outreach 1
A 93.73:223 Dedicated energy crops and competition for agricultural land 1
A 93.73:224 The role of fossil fuels in the U.S. food system and the American diet 1
A 93.73:225 The influence of income and prices on global dietary patterns by country, age, and gender 1
A 93.73:226 Farm household income volatility : an analysis using panel data from a national survey 1
A 93.73:227 The potential effects of increased demand for U.S. agricultural exports on metro and nonmetro employment 1
A 93.73:228 Productivity growth and the revival of Russian agriculture 1
A 93.73:229 International trade and deforestation : potential policy effects via a global economic model 1
A 93.73:230 Rural manufacturing resilience : factors associated with plant survival, 1996-2011 1
A 93.73:231 Public disclosure of tests for Salmonella : the effects on food safety performance in chicken slaughter establishments 1