Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 93.2:F 22/6 The 1990 Farm Act and the 1990 Budget Reconciliation Act : how U.S. farm policy mechanisms will work under the new legislation : includes description of target prices, loan rates, deficiency payments, and new planting flexibility provisions 1
A 93.2:F 22/7 Selected aspects of farm sector financial experience and outlook 1
A 93.2:F 41 Manure use for fertilizer and for energy report to Congress 1
A 93.2:F 49 European financial imbalances implications of the eurozone sovereign debt problem for U.S. agricultural exports 1
A 93.2:F 94/2 Specialized U.S. fruit and tree nut farm production expenses 1
A 93.2:F 94/3 Evaluation of the USDA Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Program : report to congress 1
A 93.2:G 75 Issues in grading livestock and meats 1
A 93.2:GS 1 Global agricultural supply and demand factors contributing to the recent increase in food commodity prices 1
A 93.2:H 62 A History of American agriculture 1776-1990 1
A 93.2:IN 2 Trade and food security implications from the Indonesian agricultural experience 1
A 93.2:J 27 Fruit policies in Japan 1
A 93.2:J 27/2 Japan's beef market 1
A 93.2:M 34/2 Criteria for evaluating federal marketing orders fruits, vegetables, nuts and speciality commodities : a report 1
A 93.2:M 57 The U.S. and Mexican dry bean sectors 1
A 93.2:N 95/3 Access to affordable and nutritious food measuring and understanding food deserts and their consequences : report to Congress 1
A 93.2:N 95/6/v.3/no.2 Team Nutrition connections 1
A 93.2:P 29 An initial assessment of the payment-in-kind program
An Initial assessment of the payment-in-kind program
A 93.2:P 31/2 Peanut outlook impacts of the 2008-09 foodborne illness outbreak linked to Salmonella in peanuts 1
A 93.2:P 43/2 Peru : an emerging exporter of fruits and vegetables 1
A 93.2:P 75/ Policy research notes 1