Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 13.78:INT-414 MTCLIM : a mountain microclimate simulation model 1
A 13.78:INT-415 Developmental differences among five lodgepole pine provenances planted on a subalpine site in Montana 1
A 13.78:INT-416 Susceptibility of ponderosa pine to western gall rust within the middle Columbia River system 1
A 13.78:INT-417 Comparison of overstory canopy cover estimates on forest survey plots 1
A 13.78:INT-418 Predicting salability of timber sale offerings in the Forest Service Northern Region 1
A 13.78:INT-419 Soil chemical properties of raised planting beds in a northern Idaho forest 1
A 13.78:INT-420 Incidence of compression wood and stem eccentricity in lodgepole pine of North America 1
A 13.78:INT-422 Influence of nontimber resources on timber sale characteristics in the intermountain West 2
A 13.78:INT-424 Relationship of fuel size and spacing to combustion characteristics of laboratory fuel cribs 2
A 13.78:INT-425 Bird and small mammal populations in a grazed and ungrazed riparian habitat in Idaho 1
A 13.78:INT-426 Greenhouse evaluation of reclamation treatments for perlite-pumice mine spoils 1
A 13.78:INT-427 Differences in vegetation biomass and structure due to cattle grazing in a northern Nevada riparian ecosystem 1
A 13.78:INT-428 How wilderness visitors choose entry points and campsites 1
A 13.78:INT-429 Predicting equilibrium moisture content of some foliar forest litter in the northern Rocky Mountains 1
A 13.78:INT-430 Sage grouse status and recovery plan for Strawberry Valley, Utah 1
A 13.78:INT-431 Assessment of nongame bird habitat using forest survey data 1
A 13.78:INT-432 Bird populations in and adjacent to a beaver pond ecosystem in Idaho 1
A 13.78:INT-433 Birds of an upper sagebrush-grass zone habitat in east-central Nevada 1
A 13.78:INT-434 Reexamination of Rothermel's fire spread equations in no-wind and no-slope conditions 1
A 13.78:INT-435 Performance of three mountain pine beetle damage models compared to actual outbreak histories 1