Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 1.76:188 Dry kiln operator's manual 1
A 1.76:188/991 Dry kiln operator's manual 1
A 1.76:189 Market diseases of grapes and other small fruits 1
A 1.76:193 Bamboo in the United States description, culture, and utilization 1
A 1.76:194 Snow avalanches a handbook of forecasting and control measures 1
A 1.76:195 Protection of rail shipments of fruits and vegetables 1
A 1.76:196 Fig growing in the South 1
A 1.76:197 Foreign diseases of forest trees of the world an annotated list 1
A 1.76:198 Liquid nitrogen fertilizers for direct application 1
A 1.76:199 Corn diseases in the United States and their control 1
A 1.76:200 Selenium in agriculture 1
A 1.76:201 Compilation of statutes relating to research, statistics, and reports service and regulatory work, and food distribution as of January 1, 1961 1
A 1.76:202 Activities handbook Animal Disease Eradication Division 1
A 1.76:204 Wood floors for dwellings 1
A 1.76:205 Puerto Rican woods their machining, seasoning, and related characteristics 1
A 1.76:206 Measures and procedures for analysis of U.S. food consumption 1
A 1.76:207 Present and potential commercial timbers of the Caribbean with special reference to the West Indies, the Guianas, and British Honduras 1
A 1.76:208 Onion diseases and their control 1
A 1.76:209 Culture of sugarcane for sirup production 1
A 1.76:210 Land-capability classification 1