Call Number (LC) Title Results
TEI 563 Stratigraphy and uranium content of the Chattanooga shale in the folded belt of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee 1
TEI 564 Interim report on botanical prospecting for uranium in the Shinarump conglomerate at Deer Flat, White Canyon District, San Juan County, Utah 1
TEI 566 Monazite in part of the southern Atlantic coastal plain 1
TEI 567 Uraniferous magnetite-hematite deposit at the Prince Mine, Lincoln County, New Mexico 1
TEI 568 An improved glass sample holder for assaying low radioactivity samples 1
TEI 569 Some physical properties of naturally irradiated fluorite 1
TEI 570 Stratigraphic sections of the phosphoria formation, 1953 and 1954 1
TEI 571 The thoron-tartaric acid systems for the spectrophotometric determination of thorium 1
TEI 572 Laboratory study of uranium-bearing lignite from western North Dakota and South Dakota 1
TEI 573 Radioactivity and uranium content of the Sharon Springs member of the Pierre shale and associated rocks in western Kansas and eastern Colorado 1
TEI 574 Some uranium occurrences in west Texas 1
TEI 575 X-ray powder data for uranium and thorium minerals 1
TEI 578 Machine for preparing phosphors for the fluorimetric determination of uranium 1
TEI 579 Rapid-scanning microphotometry 1
TEI 581 Uranium in carbonaceous rocks in the Townsend and Helena valleys, Montana 1
TEI 584 Some observations on rutherfordine 1
TEI 586 Oxidation potential and state of some vanadium ores and the relation of woody material to their deposition 1
TEI 587 Uranium in the Sharon Springs member of the Pierre shale in South Dakota and northeastern Nebraska 1
TEI 589 A fluorimetric study of the thorium-morin system 1
TEI 590 Geologic investigations of radioactive deposits, semiannual progress report 1