Call Number (LC) Title Results
F591 .W47 1945-46 The Westerners brandbook 1
F591 .W47 1947 Westerners brand book 1
F591 .W47 1949 Westerners brand book 1
F591 .W47 1982 Westerners brand book 1
F591 .W48 Western Americana, frontier history of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1550-1900 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.1 A las armas mexicanos, que Santa-Anna es el campeon 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.2 A los mejicanos. Compatriotas: Si con promesas falsas pudiera hacerse feliz un [!] pais, Mejico seria sin duda el mas afortunado 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.3 California. A trip across the plains, in the spring of 1850, being a daily record of incidents of the trip ... and containing valuable information to emigrants 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.4 A review of the Report upon the physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi River upon the protection of the alluvial region against overflow; and upon the deepening of the mouths; based upon surveys and investigations made under acts of Congress 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.5 General G.K. Warren 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.6 Recollections of a California pioneer 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.7 Memorial in behalf of the "Black Bob" band of Shawnee Indians, in favor of the issuance of patents to their land in severalty, as provided by the treaty of 1854, and act of Congress of March 3d, 1859, and against any interferance[!] therewith by legislation 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.8 Traveller's & emigrant's guide to Wisconsin & Iowa ... Accompanied with a new and improved map of those territories, with the additon of parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.9 Through Canada with a kodak 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.11 Canada West and the Hudson's-Bay Company a political and humane question of vital importance to the honour of Great Britain, to the prosperity of Canada, and to the existence of the native tribes : being an address . 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.12 The Red River insurrection three letters and a narrative of events 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.13 An abstract of the constitutions, laws and other documents having reference to, and including the empresario grants and contracts made by the state of Coahuila and Texas to and with John Charles Beales; also, deeds of the same from him to John Woodward; to which is appended and argument sustaining the rights and titles of John Woodward 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.14 An account of California, and the wonderful gold regions. With a description of the different routes to California; information about the country 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.15 An account of the North American Indians, written for Maungwu-daus, a chief of the Ojibway Indians, who has been travelling in England, France, Belgium, Ireland, and Scotland 1
F591 .W48 Reel 1 no.16 Crossing the plains, and early days in California, memories of girlhood days in California's golden age 1