Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 101.146:F 49 Gold, blood, and power : finance and war through the ages 1
D 101.146:F 76 Forecasting zero U.S. nuclear history and the low probability of disarmament 1
D 101.146:F 77 CU @ the FOB how the Forward Operating Base is changing the life of combat soldiers 1
D 101.146:F 82 Fourth-generation war and other myths 1
D 101.146:G 9 Assessing Egyptian public support for security crackdowns in the Sinai 1
D 101.146:G 13 Operation EUFOR TCHAD/RCA and the European Union's Common Security and Defense Policy
David Galula : his life and intellectual context
D 101.146:G 15 State and nonstate associated gangs credible "midwives of new social orders" 1
D 101.146:G 23 Gauging U.S.-Indian strategic cooperation 1
D 101.146:G 51 Globalization and its implications for the defense industrial base 1
D 101.146:G 74 Governance, identity, and counterinsurgency : evidence from Ramadi and Tal Afar 1
D 101.146:G 79 Outplayed : regaining strategic initiative in the gray zone 1
D 101.146:G 79/2 A whole-of-government approach to gray zone warfare 1
D 101.146:G 95 United States-Gulf Cooperation Council security cooperation in a multipolar world 1
D 101.146:G 95/2 Toward a NATO of the Gulf? : the challenges of collective defense within the GCC 1
D 101.146:G 95/3 The Gulf moment : Arab relations since 2011 1
D 101.146:H 12 Stability operations in Haiti 2010 : a case study 1
D 101.146:H 17 Hamas and Israel conflicting strategies of group-based politics 1
D 101.146:H 21 Hard power and soft power the utility of military force as an instrument of policy in the 21st century 1
D 101.146:H 62 A history of the U.S. Army Officer Corps, 1900-1990 1
D 101.146:H 62/2 What should the U.S. Army learn from history? : recovery from a strategy deficit 1